Division of Genomic MedicineOrganization Structure
Elucidation of disease onset mechanisms originating from the genome
  • photo of Piero Carninci

    Piero Carninci

    Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology

  • photo of Harukazu Suzuki

    Harukazu Suzuki

    Laboratory for Cellular Function Conversion Technology

  • photo of HON Chung Chau

    Chung Chau Hon

    Laboratory for Genome Information Analysis

  • photo of Michiel De Hoon

    Michiel De Hoon

    Laboratory for Applied Computational Genomics

  • photo of  Piero Carninci

    Piero Carninci

    Laboratory for Single Cell Technologies

  • photo of Takeya Kasukawa

    Takeya Kasukawa

    Laboratory for Large-Scale Biomedical Data Technology

  • photo of SHIN Jay W.

    Jay W. Shin

    Laboratory for Advanced Genomics Circuit

  • photo of Aki Minoda

    Aki Minoda

    Laboratory for Cellular Epigenomics

  • photo of  Yasushi Okazaki

    Yasushi Okazaki

    Laboratory for Comprehensive Genomic Analysis

  • photo of Yasuhiro Murakawa

    Yasuhiro Murakawa

    RIKEN-IFOM Joint Laboratory for Cancer Genomics

  • photo of Yukihide Momozawa

    Yukihide Momozawa

    Laboratory for Genotyping Development

  • photo of Chikashi Terao

    Chikashi Terao

    Laboratory for Statistical and Translational Genetics

  • photo of Taisei Mushiroda

    Taisei Mushiroda

    Laboratory for Pharmacogenomics

  • photo of Taisei Mushiroda

    Taisei Mushiroda

    Laboratory for International Alliance on Genomic Research

  • photo of Shiro Ikegawa

    Shiro Ikegawa

    Laboratory for Bone and Joint Diseases

  • photo of Momoko Horikoshi

    Momoko Horikoshi

    Laboratory for Genomics of Diabetes and Metabolism

  • photo of Kaoru Ito

    Kaoru Ito

    Laboratory for Cardiovascular Genomics and Informatics

  • photo of Yukinori Okada

    Yukinori Okada

    Laboratory for Systems Genetics

  • photo of Yuka Iwasaki

    Yuka Iwasaki

    Laboratory for Functional Non-coding Genomics

  • photo of Tomoichiro Miyoshi

    Tomoichiro Miyoshi

    Laboratory for Retrotransposon Dynamics


Division of Human ImmunologyOrganization Structure
Development of research platforms for human immunology, elucidation of the principles of the immune system
  • photo of Kazuhiko Yamamoto

    Kazuhiko Yamamoto

    Laboratory for Autoimmune Diseases

  • photo of Ishigaki

    Kazuyoshi Ishigaki

    Laboratory for Human Immunogenetics

  • photo of Takashi Saito

    Takashi Saito

    Laboratory for Cell Signaling

  • photo of Tomohiro Kurosaki

    Tomohiro Kurosaki

    Laboratory for Lymphocyte Differentiation

  • photo of Ichiro Taniuchi

    Ichiro Taniuchi

    Laboratory for Transcriptional Regulation

  • photo of Shigeo Koyasu

    Shigeo Koyasu

    Laboratory for Immune Cell Systems

  • photo of Kazuyo Moro

    Kazuyo Moro

    Laboratory for Innate Immune Systems

  • photo of Taishin Akiyama

    Taishin Akiyama

    Laboratory for Immune Homeostasis

  • photo of Hilde Cheroutre

    Hilde Cheroutre

    Laboratory for Immune Crosstalk

  • photo of Takashi Tanaka

    Takashi Tanaka

    Laboratory for Inflammatory Regulation

  • photo of Masato Kubo

    Masato Kubo

    Laboratory for Cytokine Regulation

  • photo of Shiki Takamura

    Shiki Takamura

    Laboratory for Immunological Memory

  • photo of Haruhiko Koseki

    Haruhiko Koseki

    Infectious Diseases Research Unit


Division of Disease Systems BiologyOrganization Structure
Environment versus body -Understanding disease as a dynamic system Creation of a new research field


Division of Cancer ImmunologyOrganization Structure
Explore novel principles of the immune system, focusing on tumor cells
  • photo of Tatsuhiko Tsunoda

    Tatsuhiko Tsunoda

    Laboratory for Medical Science Mathematics

  • photo of Hidewaki Nakagawa

    Hidewaki Nakagawa

    Laboratory for Cancer Genomics

  • photo of Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Laboratory for Immunotherapy

  • photo of Fumihiko Ishikawa

    Fumihiko Ishikawa

    Laboratory for Human Disease Models

  • photo of Kohei Miyazono

    Kohei Miyazono

    Laboratory for Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

  • photo of Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Shin-ichiro Fujii

    aAVC Drug Translational Unit


RIKEN Hakubi Research TeamOrganization Structure
Nurturing international next-generation leaders whose ambitious advanced research will lead to scientific and social impact.
  • photo of Nicholas Parrish

    Nicholas Parrish

    Genome Immunobiology RIKEN Hakubi Research Team


Young Chief InvestigatorsShow Detail
Nurturing young researchers who will be the future leaders of multidisciplinary strategic research
  • photo of Hideyuki YOSHIDA

    Hideyuki Yoshida

    YCI Laboratory for Immunological Transcriptomics