Division of Genomic MedicineOrganization Structure
Elucidation of disease onset mechanisms originating from the genome
  • photo of Piero Carninci

    Piero Carninci

    Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology

  • photo of Harukazu Suzuki

    Harukazu Suzuki

    Laboratory for Cellular Function Conversion Technology

  • photo of HON Chung Chau

    Chung Chau Hon

    Laboratory for Genome Information Analysis

  • photo of Michiel De Hoon

    Michiel De Hoon

    Laboratory for Applied Computational Genomics

  • photo of  Piero Carninci

    Piero Carninci

    Laboratory for Single Cell Technologies

  • photo of Takeya Kasukawa

    Takeya Kasukawa

    Laboratory for Large-Scale Biomedical Data Technology

  • photo of SHIN Jay W.

    Jay W. Shin

    Laboratory for Advanced Genomics Circuit

  • photo of Aki Minoda

    Aki Minoda

    Laboratory for Cellular Epigenomics

  • photo of  Yasushi Okazaki

    Yasushi Okazaki

    Laboratory for Comprehensive Genomic Analysis

  • photo of Yasuhiro Murakawa

    Yasuhiro Murakawa

    RIKEN-IFOM Joint Laboratory for Cancer Genomics

  • photo of Yukihide Momozawa

    Yukihide Momozawa

    Laboratory for Genotyping Development

  • photo of Chikashi Terao

    Chikashi Terao

    Laboratory for Statistical and Translational Genetics

  • photo of Taisei Mushiroda

    Taisei Mushiroda

    Laboratory for Pharmacogenomics

  • photo of Taisei Mushiroda

    Taisei Mushiroda

    Laboratory for International Alliance on Genomic Research

  • photo of Shiro Ikegawa

    Shiro Ikegawa

    Laboratory for Bone and Joint Diseases

  • photo of Momoko Horikoshi

    Momoko Horikoshi

    Laboratory for Genomics of Diabetes and Metabolism

  • photo of Kaoru Ito

    Kaoru Ito

    Laboratory for Cardiovascular Genomics and Informatics

  • photo of Yukinori Okada

    Yukinori Okada

    Laboratory for Systems Genetics


Division of Human ImmunologyOrganization Structure
Development of research platforms for human immunology, elucidation of the principles of the immune system


Division of Disease Systems BiologyOrganization Structure
Environment versus body -Understanding disease as a dynamic system Creation of a new research field


Division of Cancer ImmunologyOrganization Structure
Explore novel principles of the immune system, focusing on tumor cells
  • photo of Tatsuhiko Tsunoda

    Tatsuhiko Tsunoda

    Laboratory for Medical Science Mathematics

  • photo of Hidewaki Nakagawa

    Hidewaki Nakagawa

    Laboratory for Cancer Genomics

  • photo of Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Laboratory for Immunotherapy

  • photo of Fumihiko Ishikawa

    Fumihiko Ishikawa

    Laboratory for Human Disease Models

  • photo of Kohei Miyazono

    Kohei Miyazono

    Laboratory for Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

  • photo of Shin-ichiro Fujii

    Shin-ichiro Fujii

    aAVC Drug Translational Unit


RIKEN Hakubi Research TeamOrganization Structure
Nurturing international next-generation leaders whose ambitious advanced research will lead to scientific and social impact.
  • photo of Nicholas Parrish

    Nicholas Parrish

    Genome Immunobiology RIKEN Hakubi Research Team


Young Chief InvestigatorsShow Detail
Nurturing young researchers who will be the future leaders of multidisciplinary strategic research
  • photo of Hideyuki YOSHIDA

    Hideyuki Yoshida

    YCI Laboratory for Immunological Transcriptomics