[RIKEN IMS Basic Policy Regarding the Sharing of Human Genome Data]

Recognizing that both the confidentiality of personal information and the openness of science are equally important, RIKEN IMS will continue to work in cooperation with other organizations in considering how best to release data that will contribute to human health and the conquest of disease.


October 12-21, 2022
RIKEN-KI bioinformatics exchange program 2022 in Stockholm Place: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
December 15, 2021
2021 RIKEN-Luxembourg Scientific Symposium Place: Online
March 16, 2021–Online
2021 RIKEN-Luxembourg Digital Scientific Symposium Place: Online
November 2, 2020
The 7th RIKEN-KI-SciLifeLab Symposium Place: Online Zoom meeting