March 17, 2023
Conservation and divergence of canonical and non-canonical imprinting in murids PRESS RELEASE
March 16, 2023
Research Highlight: The secret to preserving stem cell identity over time
The mechanism by which stem cells pass on their ability to change into other kinds of cells to the next generation has been uncovered
March 14, 2023
Tissue-specific expression of carbohydrate sulfotransferases drives keratan sulfate biosynthesis in the notochord and otic vesicles of Xenopus embryos PRESS RELEASE
February 28, 2023
Common Germline Risk Variants Impact Somatic Alterations and Clinical Features across Cancers PRESS RELEASE
February 16, 2023
A dataset of definitive endoderm and hepatocyte differentiations from human induced pluripotent stem cells PRESS RELEASE
February 15, 2023
Research Highlight: New genetic risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis revealed by analysis of multiple ancestry groups NEWS
February 14, 2023
DeepInsight-3D architecture for anti-cancer drug response prediction with deep-learning on multi-omics NEWS
January 27, 2023
Research Highlight: Gut microbe degrades digestive enzyme trypsin in the large intestine
A gut bacterium in the large intestine may help keep a digestive enzyme in check and provide higher protection from viruses
January 26, 2023
The best genetic predictors of heart arrhythmia and hidden comorbidity PRESS RELEASE
January 26, 2023
RIPK1 blocks T cell senescence mediated by RIPK3 and caspase-8 PRESS RELEASE
January 18, 2023
Fatty acid overproduction by gut commensal microbiota exacerbates obesity PRESS RELEASE
January 13, 2023
Polycomb repressive complexes 1 and 2 are each essential for maintenance of X inactivation in extra-embryonic lineages PRESS RELEASE
January 12, 2023
Computational estimation of sediment symbiotic bacterial structures of seagrasses overgrowing downstream of onshore aquaculture PRESS RELEASE
December 20, 2022
Computational mass spectrometry accelerates C = C position-resolved untargeted lipidomics using oxygen attachment dissociation PRESS RELEASE
December 16, 2022
Progressive differentiation toward the long-lived plasma cell compartment in the bone marrow PRESS RELEASE
December 15, 2022
Deep learning-based age estimation from chest X-rays indicates cardiovascular prognosis PRESS RELEASE
December 14, 2022
Discovery and systematic characterization of risk variants and genes for coronary artery disease in over a million participants PRESS RELEASE
December 12, 2022
Genetic architecture underlying IgG-RF production is distinct from that of IgM-RF PRESS RELEASE
December 1, 2022
Hereditary cancer variants and homologous recombination deficiency in biliary tract cancer PRESS RELEASE
December 1, 2022
Prokaryotic and viral genomes recovered from 787 Japanese gut metagenomes revealed microbial features linked to diets, populations, and diseases PRESS RELEASE