Laboratory for Metabolic Networks

Exploring the role of mitochondria in complex diseases using chemical and genomic toolkits



Welcome to the Laboratory for Metabolic Networks. Our laboratory is interested in understanding the role of mitochondria in complex human diseases. Many would consider mitochondria as a simple kidney bean-shaped organelle that just makes ATP! On a closer look however, mitochondria are quite diverse in morphology, protein composition, and cellular functions across tissues and organisms.



The goal of our research is to critically evaluate how mitochondria engage in complex disease pathways and to identify ways to alter or restore mitochondrial function to avert disease progression. We use chemical and genetic screening tools to systematically interrogate disease pathways to understand how mitochondria fits into the overall disease picture.



We started our journey on the role of mitochondria in inflammatory pathway and we hope to continue our journey of mitochondria in the areas of neurodegenerative diseases. We hope you can join us in our journey!