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Call for FY2024
RIKEN IMS is currently accepting applications for the FY2024 RIKEN IMS Internship Program, from talented students/postdoctoral fellows who would like to experience RIKEN's research activities.
Program Description
The RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences was established in 2013 with the aims of creating innovative medical science and contributing to the future of human health. To accomplish these goals, IMS applies interdisciplinary approaches to create a new research area of integrative medical sciences, which includes genome-wide medical science, immunology and physiology, bioinformatics, and molecular, biochemical and quantitative sciences.

In April 2018, we launched a new internship grant program to host young distinguished international scientists who carry out research activities in IMS laboratories. This program was suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are pleased to report, will resume from April 2024.
The duration of this program is between 1 to 3 months. There are two support categories: Category 1 is for students and Category 2 is for young postdocs. IMS provides the following support to conduct an internship at IMS.
– Category 1: Lodging (up to 3,500 yen/day), travel expenses, and an internship allowance (3,000 yen/working day).
– Category 2: Lodging (up to 11,600 yen/day for stays of 1 to 30 days, up to 10,440 yen for stays continuing from 31 to 60 days, and then up to 9,280 yen for 61 days and more) and travel expenses. No daily allowance is provided.
Applicants in Category 1 must be students in a Master's or PhD program or medical students at a level equivalent to that of a Master's student in Japan. Applicants in Category 2 must be young postdocs within three years of obtaining their PhD.
Applicants must be enrolled in an academic institution during the proposed internship period.
Selection policy
1) The applicant shows a desire to develop their future abilities as a researcher by placing themselves in a new research environment in RIKEN IMS.
2) This internship program will contribute to the applicant's career development.
3) The purpose and research topics of the applicant are appropriate to RIKEN IMS.
4) The applicant cannot come to RIKEN IMS without this internship program.
Number of openings
Around 5
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 230-0045, Japan

The address and work location are basically as given above, but may differ depending on the host laboratory.
Please confirm the host laboratory's location on the RIKEN IMS website.
Application procedures
1. Contact the RIKEN IMS laboratory where you would like to work.

Select a RIKEN IMS laboratory where you would like to work from among the listed laboratories ( and contact the lab to confirm that it is ready to host from FY2024. Refer to the RIKEN IMS laboratories list and contact the addresses shown on the relevant webpages.

2. Research topic

After you find a laboratory that is willing to be your host, you should explain the research topic you propose to carry out at RIKEN. Discuss the topic with the team leader to make sure that your final research topic proposal takes into account the work being conducted within the host laboratory.

3. Application

Send an email to the host laboratory's team leader attaching the following materials written in English.
Given the selection schedule, please send the application no later than four months before your desired start date.

– Curriculum vitae
– Purpose (A4 size 1 page) including the research topics in RIKEN IMS
– Research background (A4 size 1 page)
– Desired dates (1-3 months)
– GDPR Consent form (EU and UK residents only)
– *A recommendation letter must be sent directly from the applicant's supervisor to host team leader.

Applicants will be notified of their results about one month after their documents have been submitted to RIKEN by their requested host team leaders.
Cancellation policy
Successful applicants should note that they will be responsible for any applicable cancellation fees related to their travel and accommodation arrangements should they withdraw from the internship program. There are no exceptions to this policy for any reason, including personal emergencies.
For questions regarding the program, please contact IMS team leaders.
Additional information
1. Applicants are free to make initial contact with host team leaders at any time.
2. Incomplete or incorrect applications may be rejected. Please note that applications written in Japanese will not be accepted.
3. Submitted application documents cannot be returned or changed.
4. Submitted documents will be handled in accordance with RIKEN rules concerning personal information, and only used for screening applications for this position. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred, or lent to any third party without a justifiable reason.
5. Intellectual property issues will be handled in accordance with RIKEN regulations.
6. The provisions for this position are premised on RIKEN IMS's current budget and are subject to change with any change in the budget.
7. Please note that RIKEN IMS Internship Program participants must be enrolled in an academic institution (university, research institute, etc.) during the internship period.