Laboratory for Integrated Cellular Systems

Our primary research interests are these two:


  1. Reconstructing global metabolic regulatory networks in a 'trans-omic' (*) manner

  2. Developing methods for trans-omics


(*) Trans-omic(s) : A discipline to reconstruct a global and multi-layered biochemical network not as a group of indirect statistical correlations but as chains of direct mechanistic molecular interactions, from comprehensive data of multi-omic layers not taken from heterogeneous sources but measured under an identical condition.


We perform experiments using mammalian cells to obtain biological samples for measuring time-series omic data of multiple layers. Resultant multi-omic data are subjected to computational analysis for reconstruction of global metabolic regulatory networks, which come across multiple omic layers. 


Figure. A global landscape of the trans-omic network of acute insulin action in rat hepatoma FAO cells [Yugi et al. (2014) Cell Rep. etc.]


See Member page for how to join us as a PostDoc or a graduate student.


Our research project is supported by the following grants:

  1. 'Constructive understanding of multi-scale dynamics  of neuropsychiatric disorders', Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT​


Past grants:


  1. Creation of Innovative Technology for Medical Applications Based on the Global Analyses and Regulation of Disease-Related Metabolites’, PRESTO, from Japan Science and Technology Agencies

  2. 'Identification and control of disease-specific networks based on trans-omics', Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science