International Summer Program

RIKEN IMS and the Institute for Immunology, Tsinghua University (IITU) have agreed to take turns hosting an annual international summer program, RIKEN-Tsinghua International Summer Program (RISP).

In this program, there will be topical seminars by leading international researchers in cutting-edge immunology and related areas such as genomic medicine, disease systems biology, and medical sciences, as well as oral and poster sessions where the participants will present their own research.

Each year, around 40 successful young applicants from around the world will be invited to participate in the program. Application preference will be given to senior graduate students and recent postdoctoral fellows.

The first RISP was held at IITU in Beijing June 9-12, 2019. RIKEN IMS will host the next RISP at the RIKEN Yokohama Campus. Details will be announced on this website.