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         Team Leader

         Chikashi Terao MD.,Ph.D.  


         1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045




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Our laboratory is interested in how we can draw biologically useful information from DNA, RNA and genetic studies and how we can apply the information to clinical settings in order to understand the basics of diseases and traits, to improve management of diseases and to develop novel treatment. Various diseases and traits are our targets, especially autoimmune diseases, hematology diseases and malignancies. We integrate multi-layered information of genetics, intermediate phenotypes and clinical information together and analyze by cutting-edge statistical genetics, epidemiological methods and machine learning-based approach.





2020/06/25 Chromosomal alterations among age-related haematopoietic clones in Japan.
2020/03/19 Dr. Chikashi Terao  was awarded "the RIKEN EIHO Award (RIKEN Significant Achievement Award) of FY 2019".
2019/10/17 GWAS of mosaic loss of chromosome Y highlights genetic effects on blood cell differentiation.
2019/10/07 Dr. Chikashi terao was awarded "the Japan Medical Assosiation Medical Research Encouragement Award ".
2019/08/27 Shared epitope defines distinct associations of cigarette smoking with levels of anticitrullinated protein antibody and rheumatoid factor.
2019/06/14 Comprehensive evaluation of structural variation detection algorithms for whole genome sequencing.


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