List of published data in the NBDC

As of 2020/8/12
Research IDProject titlesData SourcesData IDDescriptionDate Released
hum0014.v19Tailor-Made Medical Treatment with the BioBank Japan ProjectMichiaki Kubohum0014.v1.freq.v1GWAS for myocardial infarction, composed of 1666 cases and 3198 healthy controls2014/9/30
hum0014.v2.jsnp.934ctrl.v1Results of counting genotypes of 934 healthy individuals (Data in the JSNP)2015/12/28
35 diseasesResults of counting genotypes of 35 diseases, composed of about 190 cases in each disease iData in the JSNP)2015/12/28
hum0014.v2.jsnp.182ec.v1Results of counting genotypes of 182 cases with esophageal cancers iData in the JSNP)2015/12/28
hum0014.v2.jsnp.92als.v1Results of counting genotypes of 92 cases with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis iData in the JSNP)2015/12/28
hum0014.v3.T2DM-1.v1GWAS for type 2 diabetes, composed of 9817 cases and 6763 controls2016/1/28
hum0014.v3.T2DM-2.v1GWAS for type 2 diabetes, composed of 5646 cases and 19,420 controls2016/1/28
hum0014.v4.AD.v1GWAS for atopic dermatitis, composed of 1472 cases and 7966 controls2016/2/2
hum0014.v5.AF.v1GWAS for patients with atrial fibrillation, composed of 8180 cases and 28,612 controls2017/5/18
JGAS00000000101Phenotypic data and genotype data for 8180 patients with atrial fibrillation2017/5/18
hum0014.v6.158k.v1GWAS for BMI for 158,284 individuals2017/9/8
JGAS00000000114Data for BMI for 158,284 individuals, genotype data for 182,505 individuals2017/9/8
hum0014.v7.POAG.v1GWAS for open angle glaucoma, composed of 3980 cases and 18,815 controls2018/4/4
hum0014.v8.58qt.v1GWAS for the values of 58 laboratory tests for 162,255 individuals2018/5/1
JGAS00000000114Phenotypic data for the values of 58 laboratory tests for 162,255 individuals2018/5/1
hum0014.v9.Men.v1, hum0014.v9.MP.v1GWAS for 67,029 females with the data of their age of menarche and 43,861 females with the data of their age of menopause2018/8/7
JGAS00000000114WGS data for 1026 individuals in the first cohort of BBJ project2018/8/13
JGAS00000000140Data of Target Capture Sequencing in the coding regions of 11 causal genes of hereditary breast cancer, composed of 7,104 cases with breast cancers and 23,731 controls2018/10/16
hum0014.v12.T2DMwN.v1Meta-analysis of GWAS for 2,809 cases with diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetes and 5,592 controls with type 2 diabetes2018/12/10
hum0014.v13.T2DMmeta.v1Meta-analysis of GWAS for 36,614 cases with type 2 diabetes and 155,150 controls2019/1/25
hum0014.v14.smok.v1GWAS for smoking habits of 165,436 individuals in the Japanese populations2019/3/26
JGAS00000000114Reference panel for genotype imputation by integration of the vcf files of WGS data for 1037 individuals in BBJ project and 2504 individuals in 1000 genome projectiPhase3v5)2019/9/27 for height for 159,095 individuals2019/9/27
JGAS00000000203Data of Target Capture Sequencing in the coding regions of 8 causal genes of hereditary prostate cancer, composed of 7,636 cases with hereditary prostate cancers and 12,366 controls2019/10/7
hum0014.v17GWAS for 40 diseases2019/10/8
hum0014.v18GWAS for breast cancers2019/11/26
hum0014.v19GWAS for dietary habits in 165,084 Japanese individuals2020/4/20
hum0028.v2Tailor-Made Medical Treatment with the BioBank Japan ProjectMichiaki Kubo iBBJ)JGAS00000000018Information of genotype and HLA alleles in the HLA regions (7 loci)2015/6/2
JGAS00000000018Adding the information of genotypes in the HLA-DQA1 region and HLA-DQA1 alleles2018/6/5
hum0036.v1Performance comparison of commercial human whole-exome capture platformsMichiaki KuboDRA003736NGS (Exome)2015/8/1
hum0099.v1Association analyses of genetic polymorphisms and gene expressions in human immune cellsKazuhiko YamamotoJGAS00000000085Data of gene expression levels by RNA-seq iFPKM value)2017/4/24
hum0099.v1.eqtl.v1Results of eQTL analysis: Summary of statistics for each variant in target genes ieffect size, P-value, etc)2017/4/24
hum0238.v1Tailor-Made Medical Treatment development projectYukihide MomozawaJGAS00000000240Endogenous HHV-6 sequences in NGSiWGS)2020/7/28
hum0229.v1Exploring molecular biomarker and elucidating molecular basis in aging, neurological diseasesPiero CarninciJGAS00000000230NGSiscRNA-seq)2020/5/15
hum0113.v1Creating biomarkers of metabolic products in Parkinson diseases and identification of drug discovery seed based on its mechanisms of molecular targetPiero CarninciJGAS00000000119NGSiCAGE-seq)2020/4/24
hum0163.v1Pharmacogenomics studies in therapeutic drugs for psychiatricEneurological diseases and cancersTaisei Mushirodahum0163.v1.freq.v1NGSiTarget Capture)2018/12/14
hum0160.v1Cancer genome study by sequence analysis: esophageal cancersHidewaki NakagawaJGAS00000000155NGS(WGS)2019/5/28
hum0158.v2Cancer genome study by sequence analysis: liver cancersHidewaki NakagawaJGAS00000000151NGS(WGS),NGS(RNA-seq)2018/10/22
Added data to JGAS00000000151NGS(WGS)2019/6/21
hum0132.v1Analysis of genome sequence in dioxin-associated illness in VietnamHidewaki NakagawaJGAS00000000137NGS(WGS)2018/9/7
hum0103.v2Cancer genome study by sequence analysis: biliary cancersHidewaki NakagawaJGAS00000000109NGS(WGS)ANGS(Exome)2018/2/27
Added data to JGAS00000000109NGS(WGS)2019/6/21



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