June 13, 2024
Research Highlight: DNA markers shed light on potentially fatal autoimmune disease
Massive genetic analysis of Japanese people offers clues to the risk factors and complexities of a rare autoimmune disorder
June 10, 2024
In Memoriam - Dr. Masaru Taniguchi NEWS
May 20, 2024
Dr. Hiroto Fukushima, JSPS PD Researcher of the Laboratory for Epigenome Inheritance, received the award of Cold Spring Harbor Asia fellowship for delivering outstanding poster presentation NEWS
May 8, 2024
Animated Research Highlights: This gut microbe might protect against diabetes and reduce insulin resistance NEWS
April 16, 2024
[Obituary] Announcement of the Passing of Dr. Masaru Taniguchi NEWS
April 5, 2024
Research Highlight: Analysis of gene expression helps bring order to complex skin condition
By studying RNA taken from the blood and skin, researchers have brought greater order to a complex skin disease
March 18, 2024
IMS scientists received the 2023 RIKEN EIHO and RIKEN BAIHO Awards NEWS
March 6, 2024
Research Highlight: Unlocking the secrets of lung fibrosis with a new mouse model
Genetically modified mice have a lung condition that closely mirrors one in humans, opening up the potential to better understand the mysterious disease
February 22, 2024
SINEUP long non-coding RNAs: when structure meets function NEWS
February 9, 2024
Dr. Michihhiro Kono, Postdoctoral Researcher of the Laboratory for Human Immunogenetics, received the ASHG 2023 Trainee Research Excellence Awards Postdoctoral Semifinalist NEWS
January 25, 2024
Research Highlight: Using a man's genes to predict death from prostate cancer
The chance of dying from prostate cancer can be reliably estimated from a short section of genetic material
January 22, 2024
Research Highlight: Hot on the tracks of extracellular vesicles
A new technique provides a more comprehensive picture of how the proteins involved in cellular processes communicate via extracellular vesicles
December 25, 2023
Four RIKEN IMS Scientists chosen as Highly Cited Researchers 2023 NEWS
December 14, 2023
Dr. Giovanni Pascarella, Senior Scientist of the Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology, received the Poster Award 2023 at the 14th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics NEWS
December 8, 2023
RIKEN Researchers Win Major Research Contract From Wellcome Leap Dynamic Resilience program NEWS
November 20, 2023
Keratinocytes of the Upper Epidermis and Isthmus of Hair Follicles Express Hemoglobin mRNA and Protein NEWS
November 17, 2023
Dr. Pauline Robbe, Research Scientist of the Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology, received the 2023 ASH Abstract Achievement Award NEWS
November 2, 2023
Research Highlight: New tool reveals the impact of 'jumping genes' on diseases
Scientists are now able to accurately analyze mobile genes thanks to a new algorithm
October 31, 2023
Announcement of radio broadcast appearance, Nov 2, 2023(GMT) / Nov 3, 2023(JST) NEWS
October 25, 2023
Dr. Yoshiaki Usui, Special Postdoctoral Researcher of the Laboratory for Genotyping Development, received the Best Oral Award at the Human Genetics Asia 2023 NEWS