Laboratory for Large-Scale Biomedical Data Technology

Research Area

We will develop technologies to comprehensively detect non-coding RNAs and comprehensively screen their functions. Using those technologies, we will explore regulatory interactions of ncRNAs within cells, with particular emphasis on the interaction of non-coding RNA with chromatin, retrotransposition and ncRNAs having a role in the regulation of protein synthesis. These technologies will be important for the development of cell conversion methods. Additional emphasis will be on standardization of transcriptome technologies like CAGE, to make a universal and finely quantitative transcriptome technology. Such standardization is essential for the identification of novel biomarkers and drug target candidates.


Research Topics

2017/08/30 The FANTOM contribution to open science
2017/08/22 FANTOM5 releases first integrated atlas of microRNA expression in human primary cells
2017/03/02 Improved gene expression atlas shows that many human long non-coding RNAs may actually be functional
2017/02/15 FANTOM5 data contributes data of The Human Protein Atlas
2016/08/05 Continuously extensible database provides insights into our cells
2015/02/13 FANTOM5 project discovers general rules governing how cells change
2014/03/27 FANTOM5 releases atlas of human gene expression
2014/03/10 A new bioinformatics tool to visualize transcriptomes