Human Biology and Medicine Program with Keio University (KEIO-RIKEN HuMED)

Keio-RIKEN Joint Collaborative Research

From April 2021, RIKEN IMS is embarking on exciting research collaborations with Keio University to maximize the social benefits of “Human Biology and Medicine” based on knowledge obtained from genome sequences. The creation of KEIO-RIKEN Joint Research Lab in Shinanomachi Tokyo campus will strength its well-established foundations of basic and clinical research at Keio University, and to build upon them, the advanced genomic technologies from RIKEN through exciting and innovative collaborative research projects over the next decade.

About Keio University, School of Medicine ( As the very first private medical school in Japan, Keio University is committed to excellence and innovation in education, research and medicine. The School of Medicine works to unite basic research and clinical practice in order to achieve medical excellence and they continue to thrive under its founder’s motto of jitsugaku, or empirical science, as it continues to transform Japan as a modern and healthy nation.

Human Biology and Medicine Program (HuMED) with Keio University. With the advancement of single cell genomics technologies we are able to molecularly profile single cells at a large-scale. The joint research program operates cutting-edge single cell genomic platforms from various clinical samples with high quality and precision. The joint research lab, situated in Shinanomachi, is a hub for fruitful collaborations between RIKEN and Keio University, generating highly informative genomic data to transform medicine for a brighter future.

Figure 1. Single-cell genomics analyses across multiple human tissues in both healthy and diseased will inspire innovative solutions to improve our health and tackle diseases.

Examples of current research collaborative projects
  • Elucidation of immune cells in gastrointestinal and hepatic disease (Dr. Sujino Tomohisa)
  • Regulatory logic behind neuronal diversification and maturation (Dr. Ishikawa Mitsuru)

RIKEN Coordinating Members:
Kazuhiko Yamamoto, MD, PhD (Team leader, Laboratory for Autoimmune Diseases)
Aki Minoda, PhD (Team leader, Laboratory for Cellular Epigenomics)
Jay W. Shin, PhD (Team leader, Laboratory for Advanced Genomics Circuit)
Chung Chau Hon, PhD (Team leader, Laboratory for Genome Information Analysis)

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