June 6, 2023
Dr. Arita's research introduction movie "Cutting-edge lipidomics technology reveals the biology of lipid diversity and disease control" is now available on the RIKEN English YouTube channel NEWS
June 2, 2023
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals LRRC75A-Expressing Cell Population Involved in VEGF Secretion of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells Under Ischemia PRESS RELEASE
May 31, 2023
Assessment of metagenomic workflows using a newly constructed human gut microbiome mock community PRESS RELEASE
May 19, 2023
Comparative analyses define differences between BHD-associated renal tumour and sporadic chromophobe renal cell carcinoma PRESS RELEASE
May 19, 2023
Reconstruction of the personal information from human genome reads in gut metagenome sequencing data PRESS RELEASE
May 19, 2023
Detection of trait-associated structural variations using short-read sequencing PRESS RELEASE
May 12, 2023
Mobile element variation contributes to population-specific genome diversification, gene regulation and disease risk PRESS RELEASE
May 10, 2023
The propionate-GPR41 axis in infancy protects from subsequent bronchial asthma onset PRESS RELEASE
April 28, 2023
Estimation of silent phenotypes of calf antibiotic dysbiosis PRESS RELEASE
April 27, 2023
Topologically associating domain underlies tissue specific expression of long intergenic non-coding RNAs PRESS RELEASE
April 25, 2023
Single-cell analyses and host genetics highlight the role of innate immune cells in COVID-19 severity PRESS RELEASE
April 19, 2023
Research Highlight: Gene-silencing complexes join forces to inactivate X chromosomes
Two protein complexes play key but different roles in silencing one X chromosome in female mammals
April 19, 2023
Research Highlight: A gut microbe that can exacerbate obesity
One species of bacteria that lives in the gut can contribute to weight gain in mice by overproducing trans fatty acids
April 12, 2023
An agroecological structure model of compost―soil―plant interactions for sustainable organic farming PRESS RELEASE
April 3, 2023
A novel CCDC91 isoform associated with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine works as a non-coding RNA to regulate osteogenic genes PRESS RELEASE
March 30, 2023
Pathogenic genetic variations boost the risk of H. pylori-related stomach cancer PRESS RELEASE
March 27, 2023
IMS scientists received the 2022 RIKEN EIHO and BAIHO Awards NEWS
March 17, 2023
Conservation and divergence of canonical and non-canonical imprinting in murids PRESS RELEASE
March 16, 2023
Research Highlight: The secret to preserving stem cell identity over time
The mechanism by which stem cells pass on their ability to change into other kinds of cells to the next generation has been uncovered
March 14, 2023
Tissue-specific expression of carbohydrate sulfotransferases drives keratan sulfate biosynthesis in the notochord and otic vesicles of Xenopus embryos PRESS RELEASE