October 17, 2023
GAS41 promotes H2A.Z deposition through recognition of the N terminus of histone H3 by the YEATS domain PRESS RELEASE
October 11, 2023
Research Highlight: New genes implicated in an incurable spinal disease
An expanded genomic association study reveals previously unknown genetic links to a debilitating spinal disease
October 3, 2023
Defining super-enhancers by highly ranked histone H4 multi-acetylation levels identifies transcription factors associated with glioblastoma stem-like properties PRESS RELEASE
September 27, 2023
An Ionizable Lipid Material with a Vitamin E Scaffold as an mRNA Vaccine Platform for Efficient Cytotoxic T Cell Responses PRESS RELEASE
September 25, 2023
Dr. Pauline Robbe, Research Scientist of the Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology, received Hamblin Prize 2023 at the UK CLL Forum NEWS
September 15, 2023
TurboID-EV: Proteomic Mapping of Recipient Cellular Proteins Proximal to Small Extracellular Vesicles PRESS RELEASE
September 1, 2023
Bacteria treatment reduces insulin resistance, protects against diabetes PRESS RELEASE
August 23, 2023
Androgen receptor binding sites enabling genetic prediction of mortality due to prostate cancer in cancer-free subjects PRESS RELEASE
August 20, 2023
New LJI research has major implications for controlling T cell activity
How a supposed "nuclear" receptor makes TCR signaling possible
August 1, 2023
scDeepInsight: a supervised cell-type identification method for scRNA-seq data with deep learning PRESS RELEASE
July 31, 2023
Dr. Pauline Robbe, Research Scientist of the Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology, received the JSH Best Symposium Award Diamond NEWS
July 19, 2023
Genome-wide association study identifies risk loci within the major histocompatibility complex region for Hunner-type interstitial cystitis PRESS RELEASE
July 19, 2023
French Minister of Higher Education and Research visits Yokohama Campus NEWS
July 18, 2023
Genetic insights into ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine PRESS RELEASE
July 4, 2023
Feature Highlight: Double whammy inflates gastric cancer risk by 45%
Working in tandem, a stomach microbe and rare variants found in nine genes greatly increase the risk of gastric cancer over a lifetime
July 4, 2023
Combination of cancer vaccine with CD122-biased IL-2/anti-IL-2 Ab complex shapes the stem-like effector NK and CD8+ T cells against tumor PRESS RELEASE
July 3, 2023
Pan-cancer and cross-population genome-wide association studies dissect shared genetic backgrounds underlying carcinogenesis PRESS RELEASE
June 20, 2023
Evidence of causality of low body mass index on risk of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a Mendelian randomization study PRESS RELEASE
June 16, 2023
Dr. Yukinori Okada, Team leader of the Laboratory for Systems Genetics, received the EULAR 2023 Abstract Award (Basic Science) NEWS
June 16, 2023
The mutant origin of brain aneurysms and the first drug treatment PRESS RELEASE