December 17, 2007
Unscrambling B-cell signals PRESS RELEASE
December 3, 2007
Gene's role in immunological response is new lead for allergy treatment PRESS RELEASE
November 30, 2007
Good housekeeping PRESS RELEASE
November 1, 2007
RIKEN has authorized 'RIKEN Genesis Inc.' as a RIKEN venture company on Oct. 25,2007, established to disseminate the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) typing technology and related research achievements of the Center for Genomic Medicineto PressRelease PRESS RELEASE
October 30, 2007
RIKEN, JST, and the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo have announced open access to the SNP frequency data on the website of the JSNP database from Oct. 31,2007. This records more than 500,000 SNP locations on the basis of a careful PRESS RELEASE
October 29, 2007
On the road to a vaccine against tumors PRESS RELEASE
October 23, 2007
Unmasking and killing resistant tumors PRESS RELEASE
October 22, 2007
Mutant mice provide clues on cause of cleft palates, other severe PressRelease deformities in humans PRESS RELEASE
October 22, 2007
Mutant mice provide clues on cause of cleft palates, other severe deformities in humans PRESS RELEASE
October 22, 2007
Research points the way for custom cures of intractable diseases PRESS RELEASE
October 17, 2007
New research sheds light on how allergic response changes with age PRESS RELEASE
October 17, 2007
Taming intolerance in bone marrow transplantation PRESS RELEASE
October 12, 2007
RIKEN, Toppan, RIKEN Venture Capital tie up in joint venture for SNP genotyping technology PRESS RELEASE
October 8, 2007
Dampening dangerous inflammation PRESS RELEASE
October 2, 2007
Researchers link gene to common spinal disease PRESS RELEASE
September 4, 2007
RCAI Retreat 2007 NEWS
August 9, 2007
inflammationIn August, Kazusa DNA Research Institute and RCAI launched a joint research program to identify the genes which cause congenital immuno-deficiency syndrome and elucidate the mechanisms of its pathology. PRESS RELEASE
July 27, 2007
RCAI International Summer Program (RISP 2007) NEWS
July 27, 2007
How eating cell 'corpses' reduces inflammation Laboratory for Innate Cellular Immunity of RCAI elucidated a new mechanism inducing immunologic tolerance, an acquired immunity that is induced through phagocytosis of dead cells. PRESS RELEASE
July 24, 2007
Silencing allergic inflammationLaboratory for Transcriptional Regulation of RCAI discovered that a transcription factor, Runx, regulates the production of IL-4, a substance associated with the body's allergic response. PRESS RELEASE