Harvard Summer School at RCAI

June 14, 2010 PRESS RELEASE

(photo1)Immunology Lecture From left: Masaru Taniguchi (Director), Chinwe Madubata, Liang Cheng, Michael Wang and Yoshiro Kawaoka (Guest Lecturer from Tokyo Univ.)

(photo2)Cultural Exchange at Science Frontier High School

(photo3)Farewell Party

RCAI offers a summer internship program for undergraduate students from Harvard University. This program consists of a research internship in the laboratory of an RCAI PI as well as courses in basic immunology and Japanese. The participants receive course credit from Harvard. Three students, Michael Wang, Liang Cheng and Chinwe Madubata, stayed at RCAI from June 14 to August 22, 2010.

Mr. Wang conducted his research project in the Research Unit for Human Disease Model, Ms. Cheng in the Laboratory for Immunological Memory, and Ms. Madubata in the Laboratory for Immune Regulation. During the internship, the students had numerous discussions with RCAI researchers and, at the end of the program,, they gave oral presentations describing their projects. In addition to the scientific aspects of the program, there was a cultural exchange at the Science Frontier High School, where the Harvard students learned Shodo (Japanese caligraphy) and Sado (tea ceremony) from the local high school students. At the farewell party, they played beautiful classic ensembles and dedicated the music to Director, Masaru Taniguchi.