Development of a Full-automatic Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Analysis System

September 27, 2005 PRESS RELEASE

Center for Genomic Medicinein corporation with TOPPAN and SHIMADZU, has developed a prototype unit of a "reagent-chip all-in-one full-automatic single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) analysis system" that can examine individual genetic differences related to efficacy or adverse reaction of drug, or susceptibility to a specific disease, using a drop of blood.
The feature of this system is simple handling without requiring a high level of training or knowledge, targeting application at common hospitals. This system is expected to lead to the realization of "personalized medical treatment" that applies the optimum treatment or administration in accordance with the genetic variation of an individual patient.
Full automation was achieved by combining a technique developed and improved by RIKEM with the reagent-integrated automatic analyzer of SHIMADZU and the SNPs analysis chip technology of TOPPAN.
While the conventional technique required at least half a day from blood sampling to have genetic data due to the complicated and multiple processes, this technique requires only one and half hours.