RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology begins operating at the RIKEN Yokohama Institute

April 14, 2004 PRESS RELEASE

With the completion of allergy and immunology research facility that were under construction at the RIKEN Yokohama Research Institute,RCAI has begun full-scale research operations. Employing 153 researchers and technicians in the fields of allergy and immunology, it will be the only integrated research organization in Japan, and an institute without parallel in the rest of the world, that can contribute to the development of methods to overcome various allergy-related and immunological conditions through basic and comprehensive research into allergy and immunology systems. On 16 April, 2004, RCAI will hold a ceremony to mark the completion of the new research wing and a commemorative lecture (for invited guests and the media) at the RIKEN Yokohama Institute.