The progress of the International HapMap Project

March 11, 2004 PRESS RELEASE

The SRC is utilizing its SNP sequencing facilities, which are the fastest and most accurate facilities in the world, to contribute to the International HapMap Project, a joint research effort involving Japan, the US, the UK, Canada, China, and Nigeria aimed at creating a haplotype map of the human genome.
A haplotype map of the human genome is vital for the application of SNP data to medical practice. The HapMap will play a key role as research tool in the discovery of genetic factors involved in disease susceptibility, drug responses, or drug side effects.
Japan is responsible for analyzing around 112,000 sites and the results have been reported to the HapMap Data Coordination Center (DCC). Some of the SNPs already analyzed and reported do not meet the latest criteria of the International HapMap Project, so the SRC is now working on the selection of supplementary SNPs and additional sequencing.
This update on the International HapMap Project was published in the March 11 2004 edition of Nature Japan.