The BioBank Japan Project on the implementation of personalized medicine (Establishing techniques for personalized medicine)

Core for Genomic Medicine

The BioBank Japan project was started as a leading project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2003 [Project leader: Yusuke Nakamura (FY2003- 2011), Michiaki Kubo (FY2011-present)]. In the first 5-year period (FY2003-2007), this project constructed the BioBank Japan, which collected DNA, serum and clinical information from 200,000 patients who suffered from at least one of the 47 target diseases. In the second 5-year period (FY2008-2012), this project performed GWAS for various diseases using the samples stored in the BioBank Japan and identified many susceptibility genes for various diseases and drug responses. In the third period of 5 years from 2013, this project is expanding the BioBank infrastructure to collect DNA and clinical information from an independent cohort of 100,000 patients who suffer from at least one of 38 target diseases, including kidney cancer, dementia and depression as new disease targets. In collaboration with other national projects, BioBank Japan will further promote genomic research and move forward to apply its findings to clinical research.

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