The 9th RIKEN-KI-SciLifeLab Symposium
Data Driven Multi-omics Integration in Life Sciences

Oct 18, 2023


Oct 18, 2023

Koryuto, 1F, Conference Hall (ONSITE ONLY)

Registration form is HERE (deadline: Oct 16th ,2023)

With the advent of high-throughput technologies, vast amounts of data are being generated in various omics disciplines such as genomics, genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and epigenomics. Integrating these multi-dimensional omics datasets offers unprecedented opportunities to gain comprehensive insights into complex biological systems and their underlying mechanisms. This symposium on "Data Driven Multi-omics Integration in Life Sciences" brings together experts to explore the integration of multi-dimensional omics datasets. Speakers will specifically highlight the integrative aspect of their work and how it helped in understanding biology and medical sciences.

[Speakers and the Program]
Please check the program Here (Program_9thRIKEN-KI-SciLifeLab_Symposium.pdf)

[Symposium History]
This symposium series is organized between RIKEN in Japan, and the Karolinska Institute and the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in Sweden. The symposia alternate between RIKEN and SciLifeLab. The 2023 symposium will be the 9th one and will be held at RIKEN in Yokohama.

The overall main goals of the symposia are to a) identify common scientific interests between RIKEN and SciLifeLab, b) identify complementary skills and technologies for collaborations and c) encourage the exchange of Ph.D. students and postdocs between RIKEN and SciLifeLab/KI. Several collaborations between groups at KI, SciLifeLab and RIKEN started based on first contact during one of the symposia.

Dr. Kazuhiko Yamamoto (RIKEN IMS)
Dr. Carsten Daub (Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab)
Dr. Harukazu Suzuki (RIKEN IMS)
Dr. Chung-Chau Hon (RIKEN IMS)

[Scientific Committee]
Dr. Piero Carninci (RIKEN/Human Technopole)
Dr. Yugi Katsuyuki (RIKEN)
Dr. Kazuyoshi Ishigaki (RIKEN)
Dr. Koshi Imami (RIKEN)
Dr. Murakawa Yasuhiro (RIKEN/Kyoto University)
Dr. Magnus Boman (KI)
Dr. Carsten Daub (Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab)
Dr. Harukazu Suzuki (RIKEN IMS)
Dr. Chung-Chau Hon (RIKEN IMS)