Genome-guided drug Therapy Optimization Project (G-TOP)

Core for Genomic Medicine

The Genome-guided drug Therapy Optimization Project was started in December, 2011 as a top-down project of MEXT to validate the clinical utility, clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenomic research findings by clinical intervention study and to implement pharmacogenomic testing into clinical use [Project leader: Michiaki Kubo (FY2011-present)]. Currently, this project conducts three clinical interventional studies for the prevention of Carbamazepine-induced skin rush (GENCAT), genome-guided dose adjustment of Warfarin for safer anticoagulation (GENCAT), and genome-guided dose adjustment of tamoxifen for breast cancer therapy (TARGET-1). The Core for Genomic Medicine and the BioBank Japan organize all three projects in collaboration with many universities and hospitals in Japan. The Research Group for Pharmacogenomics (Group Director: Mushiroda) also manages this project.

Figure: Website of the Genome-guided drug Therapy Optimization Project (G-TOP)


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