Genome Immunobiology RIKEN Hakubi Research Team

Team photo, April 2021


Current team members

Ms. Mio Yoshioka, team assistant (Office of the Center Director)

Ms. Asami Fujii, technical staff

Ms. Erica Parrish, technical staff

Dr. Jiro Kamada, postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Rie Koide, postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Shohei Kojima, postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Steven Heaton, special postdoctoral research fellow (SPDR)

Ms. Yuka Saito, Master’s course student, Yokohama City University

Ms. Mirei Ka, part-time worker

Mr. Satoshi Kawato, visiting trainee (Doctoral student, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Dr. Tomoko Takahashi, visiting scientist (Assistant professor, Saitama University)

Dr. Nicholas Parrish, team leader



Team photo collage, April 2020



Team photo, April 2019



Dr. Xiaoxi Liu, former SPDR, currently research scientist, RIKEN IMS

Mr. Kenzo Miura, former student trainee, currently doctoral candidate, University of Tokyo


We are recruiting new members to join our group, with opportunities for sponsored doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships and internships, and support for several competitive postdoctoral fellowship applications available. Join a securely-funded laboratory within an exceptionally international research center with an established track record of first-class genomics and immunology research situated in one of the world’s most liveable metropolises.